July 2, 2016


Had a fantastic time about two weeks ago at dubdubdeesee in San Francisco. First time at the West Coast and I’m completely blown away by the amount of amazing people and great time we had. This post is going to be a quick recap of my experiences along the way. After not expecting to receive the scholarship by Apple at all, I unfortunately did not seem to qualify for Apple’s Travel Assistance, which meant I had to gather around ~1. ... Read more

June 30, 2016

On Quitting Facebook

I’ve been seriously disliking the idea of maintaining a Facebook profile for quite a while now. It adds close to nothing to my life. After having loaded the page it seems I am always being presented with the same content over and over. The newsfeed is completely and utterly useless. A few months back I chose to delete my personal timeline. Facebook started to show me content from a few years back (from a much younger self) and I was presented with things that I really did not wish to display publicly online. ... Read more

May 18, 2016

WWDC 16 Scholarship

Apple was gracious enough to grant me a WWDC scholarship this year. I’m still blown away! The next challenge is obviously getting to SF. Unfortunately it’s not exactly cheap traveling all the way from Germany, but I’ll find a way. Definitely couldn’t justify missing this one-of-a-kind event. Stay posted for more, especially once it’s June 😁

March 7, 2016

Cheap DynDNS Alternative

Until recently I had the pleasure of living with a static IP. This made accessing my Raspberry PI from outside my home rather easy. I could just open the port on my router and hardcode the IP anywhere. After moving though easy access like that unfortunately fell away. I looked into some services like DynDNS but found them cumbersome and hard to work with. A simple solution to this “problem” presented itself via CloudFlare. ... Read more

February 13, 2016


Finished it two days ago and was left in some emotional turmoil. I believed the ending to be spoiled for me after accidentally having read a sentence on Reddit, but it turns out that was bullshit. Unfortunately that made it even worse. It’s a gorgeous game, albeit relatively short (~4 hours). The gameplay mechanics work great (a bit unexpected at times) and the story is definitely captivating. Can’t say too much about it though without giving stuff away. ... Read more

January 13, 2016

Black Mirror

Blindly following a recommendation on Reddit I just finished watching the first season of Black Mirror. Not quite sure what I was expecting, only had the SciFi label in my head. Didn’t quite find that, more of a feeling of deep disgust with the different shown realities. Interesting nonetheless. And definitely a recommendation!

January 1, 2016


That was seriously awesome! My first congress and I couldn’t be happier with it. Definitely coming back next year, for sure! There’s so much I could write about here, but I’m going to keep it to a minimum. I kinda regret watching quite a few talks live and not using the time at CCH to have a look at most assemblies and workshops. Will improve on that @ 33c3. All talks have since been published online at https://media. ... Read more

November 20, 2015


A friend recently had the fun idea to write a small script for his machine running Arch displaying his current battery state as a series of hearts instead of the traditional boring percentage. He did so via a short python script and the magic of Font Awesome to integrate with Conky. I have to admit that writing a quick script in your language of choice makes customization like this a lot easier than on OS X, but I liked the idea and wanted to follow along with something native as well. ... Read more

May 7, 2015

Why I'll be keeping my Apple Watch

Update: I changed the post title from Why I won’t be keeping my Apple Watch to the current one. Let me explain why. My biggest gripe with the watch was the in my opinion abysmal battery performance of my iPhone when connected to the watch. I’m not entirely sure what changed, but I believe the watch is actually affecting how I use my phone during the day. Specifically how often I do so. ... Read more

February 26, 2015


A few months ago Code for Germany launched. An OK Lab (Open Knowledge Lab) was founded in Dresden soon after, although similar projects (offenesdresden.de) were already in place. Everything merged and Dresden has had quite an active community interested in bringing Open Data to the next level. It’s awesome. My first real contribution to this comes in form of an iPhone app using a PHP scraper backend scraping the data at dresden. ... Read more