January 5, 2015

Migrating to kilian.io

I spent most of today moving around my e-mail infrastructure. The way I had it configured would probably bring tears to most people’s eyes, so I’ll spare you the gruesome details. Let’s just say that nothing is forwarding to Google Mail any longer and I’ll be using a different address as my main contact address from here on out. Namely me@kilian.io. The domain kilian.io has been pointing to my server at Uberspace for a little while now, but it hasn’t been much more than a little gimmick, just like kilian.sexy ;) I’ve been starting to enjoy it a lot more than koeltzs.ch though, as it carries more personality, more me than just my last name. And since kilian@kilian.io just looks ridiculous I’m choosing to go with the very informal me@kilian.io instead.

The old domain koeltzs.ch isn’t going anywhere any time soon. I’ll probably be renewing it as well for the years to come, mails and redirects will still work. Transitioning basically my life’s worth of emails is no easy task either, but consider my Google Mail address officially deprecated from here on out.

I’ve also used this chance to deactivate the catchall for all my domains. Mail bounces aren’t necessarily a bad thing and this should also greatly help reduce the amount of spam that hits my mailserver day and night.

My PGP key has also been updated with the new address and I’ll soon be transitioning to me@kilian.io for some of my xmpp/jabber conversations as well. Even though my site already states this, that particular change will still take a bit.

I really do have to endorse Fastmail.com somewhere throughout this post. Hosting my own mail server is something I definitely do not want to do be doing. I have a tendency not to trust software that I maintain myself (I know that sounds sad) and even more so when I don’t understand it all. So even though I’d be able to keep it running, I’m not sure it would be doing so safely or for a very long time. I’m trusting this one with people that make this their living. The recommendation for Fastmail comes from Marco Arment. They’ve been around for a little while and are doing some really cool things as well, they definitely know what they’re doing and are doing it well. And I enjoy paying for something of use to me, highlighting the fact that I’m probably not the product here.

I’m definitely going to run into a few gotchas with this move, I’m sure of that. But I have to be doing this someday. So better nate than lever.

It’s actually been a lot of fun and the only thing to change now is the domain for this blog. Unfortunately I can’t run this under two domains simultaneously, so I’m going to be making this switch Monday evening (as in today, depending on how current this is when you read it). So if you’re one of the few people I know to be subscribed to the feed, please update it to check blog.kilian.io from now on. Thanks :)

Edit: Done :)