April 21, 2014

This is getting ridiculous

missing or broken bike parts

November 29th, 2012: Left a math lecture on a rainy day and wanted to get home as quick as possible. But it looked like I would be carrying my bike home seeing how some douche had stolen my front wheel on campus. Seeing how I moved to Dresden with quick release skewers (if I can trust dict.leo.org) however, this happening was just a matter of time. Instead of directly buying a new wheel (and new brakes, thank you, asshole! Oh, and a Pitlock system) I went with a completely new (as in old) and cheap bicycle. Fast forward to January and a few stitches on my face, and I wanted to go back to riding my bike. Total cost: ~200 €

December 16th, 2013: Right in front of my window, where my bike is usually locked up, some asshat stole my handlebar. At least he/she had the decency of not cutting anything off, but taking their time to nicely remove my brakes and gear levers without damaging anything. It still took me a while to fix this, seeing how winter came. And I had bought the wrong handlebars as a replacement as well. But I finally fixed it… on April 16th. Total cost: ~30 €

April 21st, 2014: I was able to ride my bike to university once. ONCE! Just once, before wanting to do the same again today. But no, my rear gear shift was completely missing and the chain was cut. This is just perfect. The bike was again locked up right outside my window, but I noticed nothing. I love the people around here… Total cost this time: 200 €… Well crap

Update January 2015: One more theft in the meantime and brakes missing tonight. Both times from inside the locked bicycle room in my basement. Yay (┛ò__ó)┛彡┻━┻