April 8, 2017


I’m a podcast addict. I have been for a few years now and I can’t seem to stop. Podcastprofile has a not very current list of all the feeds I’m subscribed to.

With all the content I consume it only seems logical to produce something at some point as well, or at least try. Hendrik and me have had that plan for quite a while if I recall correctly, and two months ago we finally decided to do something about it. So we sat down and hit record. What came out of that is Akronymisierbar (German for acronyminizable, ‘cause all good podcast names are acronyminizable 😜), a podcast about everything that comes to our minds, from programming languages (there’s a lot about programming languages) to how frogs swallow by using their eyeballs to push food down, although it’s generally more technical as both of us have vested interests in all things computer science.

The fourth episode (#003, we’re zero-indexed) was uploaded yesterday as of this posting. You can listen to it right here if you want.

It’s definitely quite fun and if you’re based in Dresden, we’ve got to have you on the show! 😊

Interested? We’re listed on iTunes, Fyyd, Bitlove and probably other podcast directories as well. Give us a listen! We’re also very much interested in feedback of any kind, preferably via Twitter @akronymisierbar ✌️